Denise O'Donnell


Born and raised in Paisley, Scotland, Denise moved to the United States twelve years ago to play collegiate soccer. 

Realizing her intuition at a young age, it took many years for Denise to begin studying, learning, and growing into her gift and she is now branded as The Scottish Medium. Leaning into the calling, she now understands that to feel whole, she must work with and help provide healing for others, healing to others. 

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community Denise grappled with her identity for most of her life through her early 20’s and is now and advocate for the community and works with others struggling with their identity.

As a natural evidential medium, she feels drawn to this work to provide comfort to others through spirit connection. It is the intention of The Scottish Medium to work with you to answer your questions, connect with your loved ones, and guide you using her intuitive perspective whether in business or in life. 

Denise is a young, fresh, and modern CFO who earned her first Vice President position at 26-years old. The Scottish Medium takes a holistic approach to business. This allows her to structure unique feedback for personal brands, entrepreneurs, business executives, and thought leaders that are passionate about changing their life, growing their business, and generating a varied level of revenue streams.