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Ealita was born and raised in Louisville, KY. She has a natural ability to connect with you

bringing a sense of peace to the conversation making you feel very comfortable in her

presence. Her passion is to aid you in healing your Mind, Body, and Spirit.


She is Certified in Medical Intuition and Reiki I & II. Her ability to connect and identify areas that will bring healing and answers is amazing!

Ealita is also an essential oils guru and has trained, taught, and developed individuals to

understand and use natural remedies to support their overall health. She also practices two

techniques. Emotional Release and The Raindrop massage. Which connects the healing frequency of essential oils to align your body back to your bodies natural balanced state (homeostasis).


Bringing passion and intuition together Ealita is a motivational coach who is able to bridge

together your spiritual, physical, and mental wellness to help create the best version of yourself.

Social Media


TikTok @ealitawalls

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