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Kaitlin discovered her soul mission to guide others on their life journey to their highest self. She discovered this purpose throughout her years working in the medical field. She is passionate to help others see their fullest potential. Kaitlin comes from a line of female healers and intuitives. She is one of the first in her family to pursue healing through spirit connection and reiki.


Her abilities started when she was a young girl growing up in a conservative Catholic Church. She remembers at an early age internally questioning her beliefs and what she found to be true for herself. She found that she was a deeply empathic child when she attended her first family funeral. She was overwhelmed with the emotions of others at the age of seven. After this experience she blocked her empathic abilities the best she could. She recalls having vivid dreams of being visited by an angel along with being able to see the auras of the adults around her. 


She always knew she was born an intuitive as her mother and aunt shared stories of their spiritual experiences and their abilities to predict future events. They never knew the extent of the family abilities or how it all worked. Kaitlin discovered she could lean into these abilities, expand them and use them for the greater good. Growing up she had an idea of what a psychic medium was from mainstream media and TV. She knew she could not relate to those dramatized ideals of what mediumship was portrayed to be. During her development she learned how spirit connection really worked and that she had been a natural at it all of her life.


She started opening up to the other side when her beloved grandmother passed from Alzheimer’s disease. Kaitlin was able to feel her presence and receive signs and symbols from her from the other side. It wasn’t until her late 20’s she experienced an awakening. She thought at the time she was going through it alone. She then later discovered her sister, Jennifer, was experiencing the same. Her abilities had heightened and her life was changed forever. 


There was a local medium she found herself drawn to in her hometown of Louisville, KY. She had never met her before, but she knew spirit was leading her there for a reason. She then began her spiritual journey and never looked back. She is devoted to spirit and her connection to the other side as a psychic medium and reiki master.


 Kaitlin believes we are all born with spiritual gifts, a soul mission and the ability to heal ourselves and others. She is committed to shining the light on all of the misconceptions of mediumship and the spirit world. We are all spiritual beings living a human experience. We are all connected and here for the greater purpose of expanding love and light. 

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