Hollie Ruwe

Born & raised in Louisville Ky. Hollie is the oldest of 5 siblings & a mom to her 4 greatest accomplishments, her kids. She attended Ballard High School, after graduation she went on to study hair at The Hair Design School. 

Hollie was a hair dresser for over 22 years. She never felt like she worked a day in her life due to her love for hair & most importantly her connection with her clients. Her hair career ended in 2020 which set her on a path to find her innermost self, her why.  

Unaware of the depths of her gifts within her, she began to have premonitions & seeing future events within a relationship. She was aware of her intuitive nature & the feelings she carried from being an empath. She had seen Spirit & even at times would hear them. She was ready to confirm the reality of these experiences. 

Hollie decided it was time to take things to the next level. She set out on a spiritual healing journey which lead her here today. She began mentoring with Gina Scarpino, who helped Hollie tap into her true gifts. Hollie is a Psychic Medium with a strong spiritual connection. Love & Career are just two areas where she really can tap in. She loves predicting your future mate, marriage & tapping into your career to see what is truly in store for you! She uses her Spiritual guidance to mentor you. She offers Spiritual Life/Business Coaching where she is guided by Spirit in helping you find your why! 

Through Hollies  journey of healing her innermost self, she has discovered the many gifts God has blessed her with. She has always been on a mission to help heal others. She has finally found the space where she can take her life experiences mixed with the guidance from Spirit to help others find their why. 

Hollie prays daily to remain in this humble place. To continue to be used by God to help others connect with loved ones whom have passed, predicting future events, & offering healing guidance. She believes the bases of this beautiful journey she is on is all a blessing from God. She is immensely grateful He allows her to be apart of helping others on their journey to healing. 

Hollie is now a member of Spirit Spa Louisville where she will do in person readings. 

Hollie Ruwe: 
Reiki I & II certified,
Spiritual Life/Business Coach Mentor