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My spiritual journey began in childhood. I loved the ritual of church (how very Hierophant of me, I know) and I appreciated the little nuggets of wisdom my Bible had to offer. As I got older I explored diverse world religions and the Law of Attraction. I then committed to a yoga practice rooted in Eastern traditions, which introduced me to the subtle energy body. Each stepping stone led to the next in my journey to identify, understand, harness the energy of the Universe. Eventually, I connected with Universal Energy through psychic mediumship.


I began mentoring with Gina Scarpino in 2021 after we connected over a reading. She understood my yearning for connection, and she witnessed the power of the energy that moves through me. With her guidance, I explored my gift. I already read tarot for my friends and family; I then started reading without cards and getting scary-accurate insights into the past and very specific predictions for the future. I discovered a love for medical mediumship and my ability to see chakra activity and methods to balance (sometimes pretty off-the-wall ones). I’ve also had beautiful experiences with mediumship and facilitating connections between loved ones on this side and the other. 


My spiritual path has taken me on a journey of connection. In doing this work, I’ve deepened my connection with myself, with you, with the Divine - and I’ve discovered that these things are not altogether different. The same energy is shared by all whether we recognize it or not. My goal, of course, is to help you recognize it. I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with you. 

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